World-Class Hiking in the Italian Alps

Hiking in the Dolomites mountains of Italy is the dream vacation for those who love all the Alps has to offer. Pictures don’t do it justice. Nothing quite prepares you for the jaw-dropping beauty of the Dolomites. Only when you’re nestled in a tiny village in one of its verdant valleys or on a trail surrounded by towering rock spires will you begin to fully appreciate this uniquely beautiful Alpine region. On one of Alpenwild’s guided or self-guided Dolomites hiking tours you’ll discover not only the scenic beauty and natural history of the Dolomites, but also enjoy the best of the region’s cuisine, superb accommodations, and genuine hospitality.

To start planning your Dolomites hiking tour make a quick call to our team of Alps hiking and trekking experts. We can walk you through the options and help you decide which trip is best for you. With both guided and independent options you’ll find plenty to choose from in the Dolomites.